Sponsorship Opportunities

We will be hosting the third annual Kolors 4 Kids Fun Run to launch the Ainsley Faith Foundation on Saturday July 15th, 2017 at Weed Park in Muscatine.

Kolors 4 Kids is the most colorful run in the area, featuring color bombs, spray stations, color canons, crazy costumes, an amazing DJ (Mr. Tony Tone from Vintage Sound 93.1 himself), and the perfect excuse for everyone to cut loose, have some fun and raise money for a great cause. In addition to the Fun Run, we will host a walk and a Kiddie Dash and Color Fight. The event will be held at Weed Park on Saturday July 15th, 2017. This date was selected after a comprehensive search of other similar events and community activities to minimize event day competition.

As a sponsor, you will:

  • Benefit from a broad range of marketing directed at your target audience (see Plan for Promotion).
  • Receive benefits of a customized sponsorship level.
  • Impact the families of the Muscatine and surrounding communities by allowing us to stand with patients, families and providers to improve lives and care practices.

We are casting a wide net of appeal by reaching out to people of all ages and from all walks of life; from the fitness oriented to the community enthusiast. So, sponsor an event that will continue to be an annual sensation!

If you have any questions or creative sponsorship ideas, please contact Chris Anderson at (563)259-7040!

During the Fun Run, participants will launch through a wave of color while starting their route. While running through Weed Park, runners will be sprayed, blasted, and doused with various forms of color at Kolor Stations. Those participating in the walk will receive the same crazy experiences, just shorter!

The Kiddie Dash and Color Fight will be an excellent opportunity to involve the entire family. Through the dash, the kids (and parents) will get the same Kolors 4 Kids experience followed by a Color Fight like a water balloon fight, but way more colorful!  This type of event was chosen to attract a broad range of participants and supporters from the entire area- not just the Muscatine community.

According to a 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker Report, more than three-quarters (78%) of Americans believe a partnership between a nonprofit and a company they trust makes a cause stand out.

When the cause breaks through consumers are more likely to feel positive about the nonprofit’s corporate partnerships:

  • 59% of Americans are more likely to buy a product associated with the partnership;
  • 50% are more likely to donate to the nonprofit;
  • 49% are more likely to participate in an event from the nonprofit; and
  • 41% are more likely to volunteer for the non-profit.

Other nonprofit marketing elements that help capture consumer attention include having an association with a special event (81%) and a memorable color, logo or icon that symbolizes the cause (79%).

In addition, communities want to hear about the results of the corporate/nonprofit partnerships (75%). This event will give the Ainsley Faith Foundation a tremendous platform to affect the quality of life for children and their families.

As a benefit to both Kolors 4 Kids and our sponsors, we have a developed a promotional campaign utilizing a variety of mediums that will target our shared audience and be implemented throughout the Muscatine community and surrounding areas including both the Iowa City and Quad Cities markets.

This list is purposefully comprehensive and includes, but is not limited to: newspapers and local magazines, signage, flyers, brochures, radio, websites, social media, YouTube and directories

Print Media

One of the main advantages of print media is its ability to excite and stimulate its target audience with visual effects. Also, it is tangible and can be carried around, passed about (increasing reach without increasing advertising budget) and referred to at a later date.

Print media for this event will include, but is certainly not limited to, advertising via:  local community newspapers, flyers posted and brochures distributed throughout the community, newsletters distributed to larger neighborhood community residents, directory listings, local magazines

Press releases will also be created and submitted to the Muscatine Journal, Voice of Muscatine radio stations, local access media outlets, Quad-City Times, Wilton-Durant Advocate News, Iowa City Press-Citizen, The Daily Iowan, Columbus Gazette, and Burlington Hawk Eye. These are just an example of print press release opportunities available to the event.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast media has incredible benefits as well. Television and radio allows the receiver to be more fully engaged in the advertisement. The same press release article submitted to print media will be submitted to local television stations with an “Ask” for local airtime or, at a minimum, that the announcement be placed on their website. We plan to submit these press releases to the major network affiliates for ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox in both the Quad City and Iowa City/Cedar Rapids markets.

Although radio advertising does not include any visual stimulation, it has one of the most targeted audiences and builds frequency quickly. The event team will create and produce a series of professional radio advertisements and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in partnership with local providers. These spots will be designed to cover topics such as Fun Run participation, walk participation, Kiddie Dash and Color Fight participation, recruiting volunteers to staff the event, recruiting sponsors and highlighting our sponsors.

Currently, thanks to the folks at Vintage Sound 93.1, the radio plan includes over 200 spots on Vintage Sound 93.1 and KWPC am 800, 100 Station Liners read by on-air personalities five to ten times per day on both stations, six in-studio appearances to promote during prime drive time, and a two-hour live remote on Vintage Sound, hosted by Tony Tone!

Internet and Social Media

All event publicity will be designed to cross-reference the event’s Internet and social media presence. In addition to the event website, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and others will be integrated into the marketing campaign.

Social media will include an event-specific Facebook page, which include multiple social promotion types such as sweepstakes, sharing contests, photo contests, and paid event promotion. In addition to Kolors 4 Kids-based social media, Vintage Sound will provide a social media blast on both station pages that weekly reach 15,000-40,000 people. We will also provide sponsors with social media collateral for all sponsors to use!

Post-Event Participant Evaluation

The purpose of this survey is to identify strengths and improvement opportunities by assessing participation satisfaction with the overall event experience. Empirical literature highlights the criticality of the relationship between participant attitudes, satisfaction, and profitability of the event.

The survey will be administered via email immediately following the event. Demographic information will be collected as part of the survey to further enhance the final analysis and provide statistical data for the following year.

Gathering this information will allow us to identify strengths, recognize any areas of concern, and measure the satisfaction of specifically identified topics. The feedback given by the participants will provide critical information regarding the participant’s view of the race (schedule, hospitality, marketing, expectation, sponsorship support, etc.) The data collected will be analyzed and used to modify and further enhance the event for subsequent years.

Post-Event Volunteer Survey

Active, engaged and happy volunteers are critical to the success of any event of this nature. In order to recognize the efforts of our volunteers, the post-event volunteer survey will be conducted to assess their views on areas such as promotion of the event, logistics and execution, participant feedback and other subject critical to volunteer satisfaction.

All volunteers will have to opportunity to participate in the survey via email immediately following the event. This data will be used to improve areas identified as concerns by volunteers assisting in the execution of the event.

Post-Event Sponsor Survey

Similar to the other surveys, this survey will be used to assess the satisfaction of the participating sponsors. The data will be utilized to gain additional insight into how the sponsors viewed the event as well as how effectively their company was promoted.

Sponsors of all levels will have the option to participate in this survey. The survey will be administered via email immediately following the event. This information will allow us to identify the overall satisfaction of the sponsors, and more importantly, how we can improve the overall experience for subsequent years.

Customized Sponsorship Plans

Have an awesome idea for how your business can participate?

Contact Chris Anderson at (563)259-7040 or [email protected] and we’ll put something cool together!

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