How did you first become involved with UI Children's Hospital?

I delivered my son in Muscatine and almost immediately we were transported by ambulance up to the NICU for breathing issues.  Upon further tests they discovered he had Transient Tachypnia.  Which is where the lungs don’t completely fill with air.  For that stay we were in the NICU for 7 days.

How was your exprience at UI Children's Hospital?

Our experiences at the Children’s Hospital have been nothing short of phenomenal.  We always get treated with the best care and absolute respect.  The nurses and doctors always treat Ryker like he is the top priority even when I know there are kids that are a lot sicker than he is.  We are very fortunate to have such an amazing hospital so close to where we live (Muscatine).  We would trust no one else with our sons health needs.

What would you tell other parents about UI Children's Hospital?

I am always promoting the Children’s Hospital.  Every time a friends child is sick I always recommend coming here.  We had a bad experience in Muscatine leading up to our son getting meningitis the first time so I always fear when people take their children there.  I think the children’s hospital is at the absolute top of the list as far as children’s health.

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