What is that stuff?

Is it dangerous for my sensitive areas?

A little color (powder) never hurt anyone! Feel free to adorn yourself however you see fit to protect yourself – glasses, goggles, clothing, shoes, caps, bandanas, or whatever you need to feel ready to rock and roll.

Where does the color come from?

It’s not rocket science. You’ll be blasted with none other than non-toxic, colored cornstarch. You start the race clean as can be, and as you run, you’ll be coated with color.

Is it dangerous for my health?

Since when has exercise and fun ever been bad for your health?

In all seriousness, if you suffer from asthma or you have other health issues related to your lungs, please take any necessary precautions. When in doubt, contact your physician.

Does it stain?

Nope. It is intended to wash out with a little bit of effort and some good soap. Generally it helps to brush off the dry powder first, then attack the sweaty powder with cold water and the hygiene product of your choice. You may need to wash your hair or clothes several times before all the color is out, but your multi-hued ‘do isn’t permanent.

That said, many people wear one use clothing and use a vinegar spray to “lock in” the color

Event Registration

What do I do with my ticket?

After you register you’ll be able to print your event ticket.  Please bring your ticket, personal identification and any thing else you want to Packet Pick-up.   If you need to reprint your tickets, please contact us.

Where do I sign up?
What do I get with my registration?

You mean, aside from feeling warm inside that you are contributing to a good cause AND doing something fun and awesome?

Glad you asked. You’ll also get a Swag Bag, complete with a t-shirt, neon sunglasses,  and other cool stuff from our sponsors.

Where and when do I get my swag?

We highly encourage packet pick-up (aka swag bags) to be completed on Thursday, July 7th or Friday, July 8th from 4:00pm-7:00pm at the History & Industry Center located at 117 West Second Street, downtown Muscatine.

Event Day

What if it rains?

Well, we’ll all get wet…

We’ll keep the craziness going, rain or shine.  If there’s lightning, we’ll wait until its safe (about 30 minutes after the last lightning) and then continue on!  If you need updates on weather, check our event Facebook page here.

What should I wear?

The best artist’s canvas is white. Start with a blank slate and watch your ensemble go from dull to dazzling!

How long is the run?

The Kolors 4 Kids Fun Run is roughly a 5k (around 3-mile) untimed race.

How about furry friends?

For the safety of your little furry folks, please leave them comfortably at home.

Can kids join in?

Yes! We’ll even have a Kiddie Dash at 11:45 a.m. You can register for the Kiddie Dash here.

Do you have anything a little…. shorter?

Why sure. You can also sign up for the 1.5 Mile Kolor Walk here.

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